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Rihanna and Chris Brown Allegedly Seen Kissing

Rumors are swirling about whether or not Chris Brown and Rihanna were seen kissing. There are conflicting reports about the pair and reps from Chris Brown’s camp denied the rumors, saying “there is no Rihanna connection.” Nonetheless, a source insists the couple is sneaking around, according to the New York Daily News, saying Brown spent some time on his ex-girlfriend’s yacht. “He was probably there for two days,” said the source.  “Rihanna doesn’t want anyone to know that they are together.”

The source continued, saying the location of the rendezvous is “very private, very small” and inaccessible to paparazzi. Apparently, the alleged couple tried to keep things under wraps by leaving the yacht at separate times. There is one potential wrench in the story and that’s Karrueche Tran, Brown’s current girlfriend. Despite break-up rumors, the two were photographed on vacation together and Brown’s rep insists Tran is Brown’s companion, not Rihanna, saying he was “there with his girlfriend, Karrueche. And not on Rihanna’s yacht.” There has been no word from Rihanna’s people.

Brown isn’t the only man suspected to be paying Rihanna a visit. According to The Sun, the “Disturbia” singer invited rapper Tinie Tempah to spend time with her during her vacation. “Rihanna loves Tinie’s music and is fond of him as a person, too. She’s very keen to work with him at some point, which was discussed at length over dinner,” a source told the paper. “Obviously eating took up a small part of the night as he joined her crew on yet another wild night. It won’t be one that he will forget in a hurry.”
That wild party allegedly resulted in a visit from the cops, according to another source. “The sound system on Rihanna’s yacht has taken a pounding since they arrived. Local cops were forced to have a word because the volume had got out of control.”

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