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Jay-Z and Beyonce Rent Hamptons Spread for $400,000

Here’s another entry in the lifestyles of the rich and famous: Jay-Z and Beyonce have reportedly spent $400,000 to rent a fancy spread in the Hamptons for the entire month of August.

The couple will be heading out to the exclusive New York playground for the well-heeled for the first time with their seven-month-old daughter Blue Ivy. The property in Bridgehampton goes by the name of the Sandcastle. If Jay and Bey want to make the place one of their permanent homes, they’re in luck—it’s on the market. The asking price? A mere $43.5 million.

What do you get for $43.5 million in the Hamptons (I was tempted to round the price down to just $43 million, but then it occurred to me—that .5 represented a half million dollars and should not be slighted!)? Well, for starters there’s the 60-foot heated pool. And a pool wouldn’t be a pool without an underwater stereo system, right? Cause I guess you need to be able to hear your tunes when you are swimming underwater, right? (All the proof you need that the rich are different than the rest of us.)
When Jay and Bey and Blue Ivy are in the mood for play, they can find all the recreation they need in the two-lane bowling alley, the virtual golf facilities (not sure exactly what “virtual golf” is), a skateboard half-pipe and a tennis court.

And that’s not all. The house has another feature that seems ideally suited to the Carter family: the house has a “children’s performing area.” But maybe seven months is a little young for that.

Besides the performing area and the rest, there are squash, racquetball and basketball courts with moving walls and a retractable hoop. That’s all according to the listing on

The house at one time had supposedly caught the eye of the Jonas Brothers, but nothing ever came of that dalliance. According to reports, single mother Cheryl Mercuris in 2010 paid $500,000 to rent the joint for just two weeks in an attempt to find a billionaire husband. We’re not really sure about the wisdom of that investment. At any rate, alas, there was no billionaire in Cheryl’s future that summer.


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