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'Avatar 2' Gets Pushed Back

Renowned director James Cameron says Avatar 2 will not hit theaters anytime near the date initially purposed by Fox studios.

According to a story in The New York Times,  Camreron told the author Avatar 2 may not be released until at least 2015. That puts the debut of the sequel well behind the initially proposed 2014 date.

Avatar made the most money of any film in movie history, but Cameron doesn’t seem keen on rushing  to take advantage of the success and carrying  the momentum into a second installment.

The director is currently writing the script for Avatar 2 & 3. He has reportedly bought 2,500 acres of farmland in New Zealand and  is expected to live there for at least half the year during production of the films.

Cameron says he is confident the film will be shot  in Peter Jackson’s Wellington production studio, with Weta Digital handling the visual effects. However, the motion-capture work will take place in California.

Although it’s very likely that Avatar fans will be disappointed with the latest news from James Cameron,  he certainly can count on them to remain  interested even if it takes three or four years.

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