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50 Cent Releases New Song, Starts Company with Floyd Mayweather

Rapper 50 Cent has dropped his new track, New Day, which features Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre, effectively squashing any rumors of a beef between 50 and the latter. Dre even acknowledged that he and 50’s relationship is still intact during his verse. “Me and Fif still in this bitch, we going the distance with you party people,” he rapped.

The track is the first single from 50 Cent’s highly anticipated album “Street King Immortal” and despite the wait, the “In Da Club” rapper is excited to get the project out to the masses. “I’m excited about this project,” he said to Digital Spy. “It took a lot longer than it would have had to take, as far as creatively, but the process of going through all of this and being at the end of the contract. It’s a headache, but it worked itself out.”

In addition to putting out new music, 50 has teamed up with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather to create The Money Team (TMT) Promotions and has already signed a boxer, Billy Dib of Australia. According to 50, the company was Mayweather’s vision. “I mean, outside of the fact that it was Floyd’s concept, and that it was his idea initially that he wanted to develop a company for himself and for other talent that can execute things without having to be within a traditional situation where you have to completely watch your back, 24/7,” he said to told

“From a fighter’s perspective, you know, it’s going to be exciting to be a part of our company and something like that. When you achieve a certain level of success with your career, you start to do some soul-searching and you start to figure out what you’re actually after.”

He also raved about Mayweather’s ability to spot new talent. “Floyd has an eye. He has the knack,” he continued. “He can kind of point out talent and things and see things within himself that he sees in some other fighters.”

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