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Chris Brown Levels Gay Insult at Frank Ocean

After R&B singer Frank Ocean stepped out of the closet and revealed his homosexuality, it was inevitable that somebody in the music world would have something less than kind to say. And it’s not surprising that the somebody would be Chris Brown.

Brown reportedly made a comment about Ocean outside of a nightclub in France when paparazzi asked his views of fellow R&B singer Frank Ocean. Clearly this was a situation where the paparazzi were trying to lure him into saying something offensive, late at night, outside of a nightclub where he was probably indulging in some adult drinks. And Brown, never one to pass up a situation where he can reveal his obnoxiousness, gave the paparazzi exactly what they were looking for.

He is said to have replied: “Man, no homo” without making any further comment.

Ocean is not feeling any ill effects from his admission. He has been publicly supported by artists such as Beyonce, Jermaine Dupri and 50 Cent and he has also been supported by fans.

Brown is also flying high: his album “Fortune” was the top album on the charts this month.

The phrase “No Homo” is a slang expression used in the last few years to reject any suggestion that someone could be viewed as gay.

Brown has been the object of intense speculation this week after gossip sites reported that he and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, whom he abused, had met up in the French Riviera for a secret rendezvous.

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