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Katherine Jackson Update: Returning To LA Plus Randy's Interview Video

UPDATE-Chaos continues to unfold just days after matriarch Katherine Jackson was reported missing and later located in Arizona reportedly with daughter Rebbie (allegedly).

The L.A. Sheriff’s department responded to a family disturbance call at Katherine’s home on Monday afternoon after Randy, Jermaine and Janet Jackson reportedly tried to take Michael Jackson’s children Prince, Paris and Blanket from their home.

Reportedly Michael’s brothers and sister followed a car carrying his children into the compound without permission. Upon entering Michael’s siblings tried to force Paris, Blanket and Prince into an SUV to take them to see Katherine in Arizona.

A source close to the incident told TMZ, Janet attempted and failed to grab Paris’ cell phone before yelling, “You’re a spoiled little bitch!”  Paris allegedly screamed back “This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!” Quite feisty for a 14-year old.

Nonetheless, another fight continued inside the home where Randy and Jermaine fought Trent Jackson who reportedly held Randy in a headlock and punched Jermaine in the mouth. (Randy in the video below denied there was any scuffle)

L.A. Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore stated, “Deputies determined that a physical altercation had occurred of misdemeanor battery.” Adding, “It involved members of the Jackson family. A report was taken. No arrests were made, and the investigation is ongoing.”

The Sheriff’s office spokesman confirmed that the altercation involved “two people,” although he did not specify which two. He did add, “If we thought an arrest should have been made, we would have made it.”

After the incident the executors of Michael’s will John Branca and John McClain, who stand accused of falsifying Michael’s will, wrote in a letter, “We are concerned that we do what we can to protect them from undue influences, bullying, greed, and other unfortunate circumstances.”

Randy Jackson told different story to Al Sharpton on MSNBC later that evening, “They know that they’ve been caught, they know that they’ve falsified a document and they know that there are questions that we want answered. This family is united to right a wrong.”

As the saga continues Katherine Jackson remains in Arizona and according Paris Jackson’s Twitter account someone will pay for keeping her away from her grandmother.

UPDATE: Al Sharpton has released a transcript of his phone call with Randy Jackson – here’s a clip

Al Sharpton: “Now, the L.A. Sheriff’s Department has now closed the missing person’s case of your mother after confirming she is safe with your sister Rebbie in Arizona. But Michael’s 14-year-old daughter, Paris, has continued to tweet about her grandmother last night and she wrote, quote, ‘Days and counting something is really off. This isn’t like her. All I want to do is talk directly to my grandmother.’

Randy Jackson (inaudible): “We are a family first. And I want everyone to know that. Yesterday, we did go to the home to let Paris and Prince know that they can visit with or talk to their grandma at any time because we felt that someone was trying to twist the story and make it feel as though we were the problem, denying them access to their grandma. When we got to the home, we were kind of denied access to our home by security and trench and that never happened. This is all an effort to try to deflect attention away from a letter that was written asking for the resignation of John Branca and John McClain.”

TMZ is also reporting that Katherine Jackson will return back to Los Angeles. Randy called into Good Morning America to confirm the news. Watch the video below:

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