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Lil Wayne Video Bears Eerie Similarity to Batman Shooting

Some rap fans are wondering if Lil Wayne will re-edit or completely pull his new video, “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean, because of its eerie similarities to the Aurora Batman massacre.

The video, which was released on July 17, three days before the Colorado shooting, contains one scene where Wayne is performing in a dark theater with 12 skeletons. As you know, the Aurora shooting resulted in 12 deaths.

In another scene with creepy similarities, Lil Wayne is skateboarding on a suburban street while smoke bombs are set off—the Batman killer set off a smoke bomb before he started shooting in the theater.

And to keep this going, at the 3:28 mark in the video (see below), a reflection in the window looks like a bat.

There is no word from Wayne’s camp whether he will make any changes to the video. Some may find the similarities bothersome; others may not think it’s worth it for Wayne to go in and re-do anything, particularly since his video came out before the shootings occurred.

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

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