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Highest Paid Actress Sofia Vergara Lands Guest Spots On 'Family Guy' And 'The Cleveland Show'

Sofia Vergara just keep piling on the money as she just booked two more TV roles. The Colombian born actress has landed two guest spots on Family Guy And The Cleveland Show.

According to the press release, Vergara will play Peter Griffin’s “fantasy love interest” and she’ll also play a role as a sales woman selling roses in a restaurant.

On The Cleveland Show, the actress has landed the part as “Tia Sofia,” a character who tries to convince Cleveland to host a quinceaƱera for his son’s 15th birthday celebration.

This upcoming season of Family Guy premieres Sept. 30 on Fox, and it will also host many guest appearances from known actors and actresses including Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds, Elizabeth Banks and others.

The Cleveland Show, on the other hand, blasts off its fourth season on October 7.

Vergara was recently crown highest paid actress on TV after making $19 million last year, taking that title from Kim Kardashian. Vergara saw money coming in from multiple income streams which include her hit TV series Modern Family, a Kmart clothing line, and endorsement deals from Cover Girl, Pepsi, Burger King, Comcast and State Farm. The actress is also on the path to make a large sum of money this year. Besides these two new roles and endorsements, she is currently going through a battle with the producers of Modern Family for a pay increase, which will pay her a few extra million dollars a season if she wins. That will sure help her keep her crown as TV highest paid actress.

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