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The Best iPad Apps for Kids

Children approach technology without the fear of many adults. They almost instinctively know how to navigate through touchscreen devices. Use that to your benefit by using the best apps for kids to hold their attention when you need them most.

Stuck waiting in line or plodding through a long-haul car trip? App developer Peter Evan Ginsberg rounds up the best iPhone and iPad apps to entertain (and maybe even educate) toddlers and preschoolers.

Super Why

Good For: Ages 3 to 6

What it is: Characters from the popular PBS TV series gently guide the way through four different games to help improve reading and writing skills.

Why I like it: The mini-games in Super Why each take a unique approach to the same themes, giving kids multiple paths to learning letters and words. The pacing is excellent—just slow enough so players understand what they need to do without ever getting bored.

$2.99 for iPhone/iPod touch, $3.99 for iPad

Parenting’s Birthday Party Playtime

Good for: Ages 3 and up

What it is: If your kids had fun with the adorable Toca Tea Party app, they’ll love the newest offering from Toca Boca and Parenting. This super-sweet app lets your kid have a birthday every day of the week. Let your kids gather ’round the phone to share birthday cake and more!

Why we like it: This beautiful, easy-to-understand app brings imaginative play into the digital age.

$1.99 for iPhone and iPad

Intro to Math, by Montessorium

Good For: Ages 2 to 5

What it is: An attractive app, created by a team of Montessori educators, that teaches the principles of math using virtual wood blocks.

Why I like it: I was skeptical at first of the subdued presentation, but the app really does capture kids’ attention. Intro to Math takes an indirect approach to teaching basic math concepts, easing players in with simple sorting puzzles and number drawing games.

$4.99 for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

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