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Aisha Igbinovia: Followed Her Passion to Create a Fashion Brand

Aisha Igbinovia runs Nichole by Haguanna, a luxury outfit. The stylish lady manufactures handbags and necklaces too. She talks more on her passion for fashion in this interview

Q: Have you always been in the business of manufacturing leather goods?

A: No. I used to work with Addax Petroleum. I worked there for about a year plus as a human resource officer and a personal assistant. Then, I designed clothes for a while (I still do occasionally) before I decided to embrace my passion. I actually nursed the idea to venture into this, two years ago because I have always had passion for things of beauty and quality. But I didn’t start until a year and three months ago. So, I would say, passion and the quest to be original, made me leave my high-paying job to do that which I am most passionate about. Moreover, the cost of purchasing handmade products abroad, when all materials can be sourced in Africa was a motivation to starting on my own.

Q: Are they ordered for or you produce en masse? 

A: Each piece is tailored to each individual’s taste with all designs remaining true to the label’s aesthetics, influence and inspiration. So even though the designs have to conform to the brand’s in-house aesthetics, we are also mindful of the fact that no two people might want the exact thing, which dictates why client’s taste in designing is also put into consideration.

Q: What is Nichole by Haguanna all about?

A: It is a luxury outfit. We produce handbags, leather goods and bold neck accessories, which are intricately cut out from crocodile, alligator, buffalo, calf and snake skin. They are further embellished with Swarovski crystals, corals, pearls and precious stones.  In a few words, the brand is handmade but exclusive. The target is bringing quality and elegance to the urbane woman.

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