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Jay-Z and Beyonce Make Appearance at Nas’ Album Release Party

It’s always good to see two former enemies be able to come together in support of one another. That’s what happened last night, when hip hop Mogul Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce were spotted at Nas’s album release party for his latest project Life Is Good.

According to PEOPLE, the two arrived at the Bagatelle restaurant in New York City and spent about 30 minutes in VIP with Nas. One partygoer told PEOPLE, “They made their way through the packed restaurant to the VIP section. The guys chatted away and enjoyed laughs, while Beyonce danced to [the honoree’s] forthcoming album.”

When it was time to leave, the two made a swift exit through a side entrance.

And the Internet is still buzzing with the rare photo of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy. Beyoncé and her baby girl were photographed on the streets of Manhattan. While outdoors, the baby was covered with a white blanket but that didn’t stop photographers from getting a picture of the little girl and her famous mommy while they were in an undisclosed building. The picture popped up on a Beyoncé fan page on popular blogging site Tumblr.  Blue with her chubby cheeks and headful of black hair bares a strong resemblance to the “Single Ladies” singer.

In addition to her baby girl, the songstress was sporting a bunch of blonde box braids, similar to the black ones sported by her younger sister and current “It” girl Solange.  The braids are reminiscent of her Destiny’s Child days when she was commonly seen with corn-rowed hair.

Nas was fresh off his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman Tuesday night, where he performed the song “Daughters” from his album Life Is Good.

It was a virtuoso performance from one of rap’s greats. As we have written before, on “Daughters” Nas delves into the pain he had to endure when his teenage daughter put up on Instagram a picture she took of a box of condoms on her dresser, saying, “At this point I realized I’m not the strictest parent, I’m too loose, too cool with her.”




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