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Hopefully '21 Jump Street 2' Is As Funny As The First Edition…

Columbia Pictures president Doug Belgrad recently announced that the plan is to start shooting 21 Jump Street 2 in the fall. Now, the fans could once again see Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as incompetent cops who are sent back to school to blend in and fight crime. 21 Jump Street is an action comedy which was labeled very funny by many critics and was a success in the box office. It’s hard to make a sequel and have the same success as the first smash hit. Many sequels aren’t as successful for that same reason. That being said, could 21 Jump Street 2 be just as funny as the first edition?

When sequels are created, the studios should take more time to produce them. Often time the companies rush the subsequent films and end up putting out a dud. 21 Jump Street came out in March of this year, and in that same month, co-screenwriter Michael Bacall said that he was already in meetings developing the sequel.

“All I can really say is that I’m working on it. I met with Jonah and Channing and all the producers and executives and yeah, we’re looking to get it going as quickly as possible. I’m about to start the draft,” he said. “I think if you’ve watched [’21 Jump Street’], by the end you’ll have a pretty good idea where the sequel takes place.”

Being that it’s rushed, one could only hope the studio could produce 21 Jump Street 2 just as funny as the first one. Is a few months enough time to make another funny smash hit? Only time will tell…

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