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Meek Mill Apologizes for ‘Amen’ Controversy

Rapper Meek Mill went to 106 & Park yesterday in an attempt to clear the air about the controversy his new smash single “Amen” has caused in the Christian community because of lyrics that appear to link sex and sexy women to church.

“People find all types of stuff offensive. I don’t think no preacher or no church approves of any type of rap music – because rap music, period, is a lot of bad stuff said. But at the end of the day, it’s real life. And me, I wasn’t trying to disrespect no religion or anything like that,” he said.

He went on to discuss his family’s faith before apologizing to whomever may have been offended. “My whole family is Christian. I have a half Christian, half Muslim family, the situation, the song, that’s what energy it felt and if anybody feel disrespected, I ain’t do it in that way.”

While Meek’s apology was a kind gesture, surely they went in one ear and out the other of Pastor Jomo K. Johnson, the Philadelphia preacher who on Monday called for a boycott of all Radio One stations in Philadelphia.

The two had an on-air debate last week, and Meek pulled no punches when speaking to the preacher. “This looking like you trying to get famous, or you need some attention, because you could have came to me and said anything you wanted to say. I mighta helped you,” the Philadelphia native said. “If you needed money for your church, I mighta woulda gave you that money. I mighta even remixed the song with Kirk Franklin. Anything you wanted to do. You went about it like you looking for attention and fame.”

Johnson quickly went back at the rapper, saying, “My plea to you is to turn from sin, turn from blasphemy, turn from unrighteousness, that you’re purporting in your music—turn to Jesus Christ and receive eternal life. It doesn’t matter how much money you get, without Jesus Christ you will be lost eternally.”

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