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Jada Pinkett Smith Brings Will And Willow To Testify Before Congress

Jada Pinkett Smith brought along her daughter Willow and husband Will Smith to Washington D.C on Tuesday to testify before Congress.

Upon entering the building the petite actress made a bold statement wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘Free Slaves’. Jada and her family sat before Congress to fight for the freedom of nearly 40,000 people believed to be enslaved in the United States and roughly another 27 million around the world.

“Fighting slavery doesn’t cost a lot of money,” said Jada. “The costs of allowing it to exist in our nation and abroad are much higher. It robs us of the thing we value most — our freedom. We know what that freedom is worth.”

Jada who also brought along trafficking survivors added,

“We need more adequate funding for programs that can actually, first, protect young women and men who are victims of trafficking and then also the programs that help transition our young people from those traumas into being able to create and develop lives so that they’re not only survivors but they are thriving,” Pinkett Smith said. “These young ladies that are here with us today are young women who are not just surviving but they’re thriving.”

Later on Willow, Will and Jada were also spotted grabbing lunch at Charlie Palmer on the Hill in the afternoon – all in the days work with the Smiths!

Jada thanks Willow for inspiring her actions on human trafficking. FULL STORY

Willow also shared a photo on Twitter with the caption: I’m getting radical on human trafficking!!!

Watch Jada’s clip below:

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