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Beyonce Debuts New Braids Style At Nas's Party – Photos

Beyonce and younger sister Solange are like all sisters, they borrow and copy each other. While Solange has departed and etched out a unique style of her own and older sister Beyonce prefers a more mainstream and safe style, they still have some things in common.

Beyonce was spotted with her new blonde braids while out partying with husband Jay-Z as they celebrated Nas’s album release party in New York City. The 30-year old entertainer was reportedly makeup free sans pink lipstick dancing and drinking the night away.

An onlooker reportedly spotted Bey on her way to the event and tweeted,

“Just saw Beyonce, she got tight braids, she looked really pretty. She was with @S_C_. She rolled down the window and waved to my friend and I.”

While that was great timing by the passerby the real scoop came from designer Orly Shani, who attended  the event and described a run-in with Beyonce who politely declined taking pictures on Twitter.

So Beyonce stood off to the side while her man posed for pics. I went up to say Hi and ask for a pic… She smiled wide + said “sorry baby I’m not taking pictures tonight..what’s ur name?” then put her hand out and introduced herself. #classact Yes Beyonce had long, blonde braids all pulled back in a pony tail. No makeup except a pretty deep berry lip. Gorgeous girl. I gotta say, I kinda loved how Beyonce stood back, laughing with a friend, while her man enjoyed the spotlight. #strongmarriage 🙂

Someone did manage to snap a photo of Beyonce at the event – though it’s a little blurry. This isn’t the first time the “Single Ladies” singer has worn braids, if you recall way back in her Destiny’s Child days Beyonce experimented with braids. Maybe Solange had nothing to do with it after all. Whatever the reasoning the Beyhive love the new look!

“I like Beyonce’s Poetic Justice braids. Too much suffocation under a lacefront can’t be healthy”

Plus we’ve gathered a few more photos of Beyonce with braids since 1999..

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