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‘American Idol’s Dream Judge: Beyonce

Now American Idol reportedly wants Beyonce to sit at the judge’s table—probably right there in the middle, where Jennifer Lopez used to sit.

There’s no indication that Bey is at all interested, but HollywoodLife has reported that at least one of the show’s bosses truly covets the R&B/pop superstar, believing that she would be at the top of a list of stars who are relevant, younger and established. Though Lopez and Beyonce might seem like contemporaries, Lopez, 42 (and turning 43 next week) is actually more than 12 years older than Beyonce, who is just 30. With Steven Tyler at 64 and Randy Jackson at 56, the Idol judges of late definitely skewed toward the Baby Boomer crowd.

While some of the boldfaced names being bandied about—Adam Lambert, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry—are relatively youthful, then there are names like Aretha Franklin being added to the mix. (Though Franklin is actually lobbying for the job herself by sending an email to the show’s producers.)

Though our inclination is to think that the extremely private and somewhat reserved Beyonce might turn down an invitation such as this, she might be lured by the chance to make a considerable paycheck while being able to spend time with Blue Ivy, her newborn. Lopez reportedly brought her twins everywhere with her when she was traveling with the show, and after the travel scheduled quieted down, she was able to stay with them in one place for a considerable amount of time—while earning a paycheck of $15 million. We know Beyonce is not exactly hurting for the change—and we do remember who she is married to—it’s probably hard for anybody to turn down $15 million for a gig that will last a few months.

But if the Idol producers don’t name actual replacements soon, this judge speculation is going to start getting even sillier than the Mitt Romney vice presidential sweepstakes. As a matter of fact, maybe the two searches can be combined—if a candidate gets rejected by Romney, perhaps they can be vetted by the Idol folks. After all, someone like Sarah Palin could work in both jobs, right?



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