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Obama Campaign Releases Ad Starring Beyonce Praising Michelle

The Obama campaign apparently decided if it was going to use celebrity endorsements, it might as well go for one of the biggest celebrities on the planet: a certain singer from Houston who goes by one name, Beyonce.

The campaign today released an online ad that features Beyonce Knowles reading a letter she wrote in April singing the praises of First Lady Michelle Obama.

In case you forgot, Beyonce and the First Lady have been carrying on a long distance relationship for quite some months now, with Beyonce first releasing a letter she wrote about how the First lady inspires her, and then Mrs. Obama telling People that if she could be one celebrity, it would be Beyonce. This is called a mutual admiration society. Perhaps the society was born on inauguration night, when Beyonce sang “At Last” while Michelle and Barack danced and gazed into each other’s eyes.

While the very sweet, down-to-Earth ad ostensibly stars the beautiful singer, the real star of the ad is the First Lady, who is shown interacting with everyday Americans as Beyonce reads the words she wrote. The First Lady has been traversing the country in recent weeks, reaching out and touching ordinary Americans and using her enormous appeal.

“No matter the pressure and the stress of being under the microscope she’s humble, loving and sincere. . . she builds and nurtures her family while also looking out for so many millions in so many ways,” reads Beyonce.

The ad is intended to be shown just on the campaign’s youtube channel, not for wide release. But that won’t mean it will escape the attack of Republicans, who have hit the president for being so popular and having so many supporters in Hollywood. When he held a fundraising dinner at the house of actor George Clooney, the Republican National Committee put out a statement calling him the “celebrity-in-chief.”

Click below to see the Beyonce ad for yourself.






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