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President Obama: I Will Win Virginia and the Election

President Obama made a promise to the voters of Virginia yesterday that not only was he going to take Virginia in the upcoming election but that he was going to win the whole thing.

Soaked from a torrential downpour in Glen Allen, Virginia, Obama was feisty and confident as he addressed a crowd packed with African-American supporters—in the middle of conservative House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s district.

Obama told the crowd, with its help, “we’re going to win this election. We’re going to win Virginia. Were going to put this country on the right track.”

It was the president’s fourth campaign stop during a two-day swing through Virginia, a crucial battleground state that Obama won easily in 2008 by 6 points over John McCain. The airwaves in Virginia are filled with Obama’s new ad, portraying Mitt Romney as “the problem,” not the solution, because of his role as a venture capitalist sending jobs overseas and a multi-millionaire establishing accounts off-shore to avoid paying taxes. The ad make the case against Romney while he sings “America the Beautiful”—off-key—in the background. (See ad below)

Obama has kept Romney on the defensive all week, as pressure is mounting on Romney to release his tax records. All he has released are his taxes for 2010 and estimated taxes for 2011. But it is the records in the early 2000s that will prove more interesting—and more potentially damaging to Romney—as they will cover details of his finances during and immediately after he stepped down from Bain Capital and put his accounts into a blind trust, which means he was no longer aware of how it was being managed, so that he could run for office and have deniability if any of the investments proved to be embarrassing. But somehow in the process of creating blind trusts, Romney didn’t think it would be a problem for him to have offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Switzerland—all famous for being tax havens for wealthy people around the world.

At the National Governors Association meeting in Williamsburg, even Alabama’s Republican governor, Robert Bentley, one of the most conservative governors in the country, called on Romney to release all the documents requested of him.

“If you have things to hide, then maybe you’re doing things wrong,” Bentley said. “I think you ought to be willing to release everything to the American people.”

During his remarks in Virginia, Obama made a reference to slavery, which drew cheers from the overwhelmingly black crowd.

“That’s the promise that our parents and our grandparents and our great-grandparents made to future generations,” Obama said after describing his version of the middle-class ethos. “You know, some of ‘em came here as immigrants. Some came here, not wanting to come.”

The reference to slavery drew a delayed, but knowing laugh before the president continued his remarks.

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54 thoughts on “President Obama: I Will Win Virginia and the Election

  1. Brady Boby says:

    lots of people have been jumping boat when it comes to Obama I am happy I never got on his boat it's sinking fast.

  2. We'll see. Its going to be close. I think both are dumb. Both are poor investments. Why do we vote for 50 miss america contestants on only 2 guys for president? We are a stupid nation!

  3. Mark Fields says:

    Obama should win easy now that Romney has been acused of being a felon. Polls show Obama leading the same as he was 3 years ago. There wont be any real news for another 4 and a half years. Get a life people.

  4. I approve this message: The president will win Virginia and the Election.

  5. Obama will be remembered as the most divisive president in history. He has not united, he has pitted the citizens against one another.

  6. Ann Wisniewski says:

    Funny you should say that, Brady, but I was thinking that "lots of people have been jumping boat when it comes to" Romney, especially with his current duplicity. How in the heck is he ever going to explain (lie) himself out of this one. Now he will have to get those back tax forms out that he was willing to give to McCain when he wanted to be V.P. in 2008.

  7. Amber Jacobs says:

    just keep praying he won't Grover, God save the USA.

  8. Ann Wisniewski says:

    Your view is only prominent in your circle of political "think alikes".

  9. Mike Venter says:

    Well, he could always just imitate the big 0 and seal and hide any and all records, huh? Then lie and cover up everything else. Then, of course, claim racism when he is asked about it.

  10. Kristy Carvill Stephenson says:

    Obama is sinking fast, and everyone knows it!

  11. Mike Venter says:

    His circle of think ailkes includes everyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size and everyone that hates criminals like obama. So a pretty big chunk of the USA.

  12. Brady Boby says:

    Ann Wisniewski please No one will lie as much as Obama. Romney did very well in the private sec so he will do great in the government sec. And I see more people going for Romney because Obama has gone over board with this stuff.

  13. Brady Boby says:

    Grover that's the problem with "your people" "blacks" is you will vote by race and not on credentials. This is why Africa is so bad. Please tell your people to evolve!!!!

  14. Steve Snow says:

    Obama is the most self centered, ego manic I have ever seen or heard in my life. Ann please stop drinking it has warped you common sense. The man had a chance of a lifetime, and blew it. Think about it. A Democratic President, house and senate and he could not produce any jobs. This is the person you are willing to put your personal welfare in charge of, not me.

  15. Amber Jacobs says:

    They all lie, Ann, we all know that. But who lies the most and would be more distractive to the US and the world over. The answer is obama, if you don't see it your lying to your self and/or do not look at ALL they both stand for.

  16. Amy Lawson says:

    I don't bother with trying to determine which candidate is lying more, I focus on which media outlets are willing to perpetuate the lies for them. This paper, the "Black Star" is clearly in the bag for Barry, therefore, there's no chance of actually learning anything relevant from it. My work here is done…

  17. Greg Gagnon says:

    This country can't handle four more years of his lying. We, the taxpayers, can not deal with 4 more years of his reckless spending and flat out ignorance to the law. He thinks that he is untouchable. We need to make sure this so called president is not re-elected.

  18. Gavin Henry says:

    To brady boby, I rarely respond to these sort of articles (mostly based on opinions). I am an african-american marine infantry officer that has fought for this country in iraq and afghanistan and the most I can get from you is "you people"when referring to an entire race. I will put my american patriotic record next to yours anyday. Mabye, I should ship you overseas for a dose of american pride.

  19. Its amazing that you brad say our people or you people…We all are one and if Grover is an American citizen..Africa is not topic here

  20. Brady Boby says:

    Gavin tell it to the N.A.A.C.P., tell it on B.E.T. Go tell the Black Coccus in congress. If you don't find these organizations racist like like the K.K.K. then you only are in the Marines because of Affirmative Action and that means you should not have even Graduated High School.

  21. Ian Reoch says:

    If I were Romney I would explain that the left's business' regulations are what creates an atmosphere for jobs to be sent overseas. OBAMA: you are bankrupting America you knit whit. Even if you win you won't acomplish anything because your socialist policies won't fly with Congress. You have the US marking time. 14% unemployment for blacks and rising with 10% of black males in jail (they don't count convicts in the unemployment numbers, how convienient) – he should be ashamed and so should anyone who votes for him.


  23. Mindy Zhu says:

    If I were Obama, after spending 6 trillion tax payer dollar, unemployment is 8.2%. Record foreclosure, record food stamp collectors. Not to mention to invest $29 billion tax dollars into companies which shift job to Finland, China, Mexco. I would be too shamed to talk about the records. But I would at least have desency not to attack opponent who invest private money and ran Bain and turned around troubled Olympic game successfully.

  24. Gavin Henry says:

    Brady, your funny. Nothing in the article referenced anything in your current response. To be an officer you have to be a college grad. By the way you spelled "caucus" wrong.

  25. Rodolfo Vicente Gonzales says:

    No one behooves Romney's ability to lead Bain Capital, as he did very well. Bain Capital is a shell where he and his buddies became rich on the backs of others sweat and toil. Romney did NOT CREATE WEALTH, he only Extracted Existing wealth, there is a HUGE difference. But, When the leadership, or positioning proposed leadership do not interrupt the booing TEA party audience when an American soldier, in theater, in uniform, questions about D.A.D.T. – They do not represent me! Romney's failure to fully disclose his financial holdings across the world does not make him transparent in any way. Here's the real question. If Romney gave up control because he became governor in Massachusetts, he moved 100 million to a retirement fund, does he still have any amount of stock and does he still receive dividends from Bain Capital?

    Additionally why does such a rich man want to escape taxation by off-shoring millions in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. Why is he hiding money to keep from paying taxes? This is a valid question that deserves an answer.

  26. Brady Boby says:

    Gavin By the way it's African-American not african-american, ok and your entrance examinations for collage is 25% lower for you African-Americans, that's fact so it's not racist. They lowered the level for your people so you can keep up and get into collage, look it up it's all there

  27. Ian Reoch says:

    At least you have a job Gavin. 14% unemployment for blacks and rising with 10% of black males in jail (they don't count convicts in the unemployment numbers, how convienient) – Barry should be very ashamed and so should anyone who votes for him, especially african americans who have no political power whatsoever. Here's why: Democrats have no reason to court the black vote, they have have it in full every single election. Republicans have no reason to court the black vote because blacks vote democrat every time. How's no political clout working out for your race? Does that make you feel "hopey changey"?

  28. Hello Amy,

    What media sources to you go to for a balanced perspective on this subject? I agree that media should strive to be balanced. Open to learning form you.

  29. Ian Reoch says:

    BTW Gavin: thank you for your service to our country.

  30. Gavin Henry says:

    Thanks Ian for the well wishes for my service. I am not disputing the facts that you and best stated. What I want is a way to improve them. But, if one side shows up at a debate with pre-conceived notions, bordering on hate, then we can not have a reasonable discourse (brady, in this case that word means conversation).

  31. Brady Boby says:

    Ian I live in Arizona. There was a Target store, a Sonic fast food, McDonald's all three in charge by black managers they all replaced all workers with African-Americans I first thought this was strange when all I could see where African- Americans in these stores, its was clear that the managers where racist only employing black people but the facts showed that people stopped going to those stores, sales dropped, theft rose. , like over night they were all let go and the employees were all replaced with non black people. How bizzar this was but it showed me that people wont shop at stores that are employed dominated by black people. This is not racist because its fact. I was happy to see the stores were put back to the better way.

  32. Ian Reoch says:

    Brady – you bumped your head.

  33. Gavin Henry says:

    Ian, we both should learn a lesson from trying to have a conversation with a man as a cartoon avatar as his display.

  34. Brady Boby , Mr. Obama was a better man than Mr. McCain, and he is certainly a better man than Mr. Romney and that is 'white or black'. Mr. Boby, allow me to say this and this is base on the words spoken by the both of you, Officer Gavin Henry. is a better man than you. And, that is seen also in black & white by all who read you all words. So, I chose Mr. Obama as I chose Officer Henry base on their words spoken. Now prove me herewith.

  35. Grover, is a born and bred southern.

  36. The president is rising in all of the major polls by 3 to 7 points. The Obama campaign will have him 'defined' as a rich out of touch white guy to all but the 'white working class voter and the super wealth. by the time you get to Tampa.

  37. Brady Boby says:

    Grover again you people are racist you don't know anything about me it's very bold of you to "pick" someone when you don't know me. You are picking based on race and that's racist.

  38. Mark Fields says:

    Brady Boby your people. WTF

  39. Brady Boby says:

    Gavin Henry "we both" typical of Africans to respond as "we". Gaven the only conversation you want to have is with someone that agrees with your black ideology, when they don't agree with you, you cry racist. Let me ask you this Galvin. yes or no, Do blacks commit more crimes?

  40. Gavin Henry says:

    Brady, I won't go down this road with you. I don't talk black and white, I speak on facts. I was addressing Ian about your black manager comment, where he stated "you bumped your head". For the record, Ian is not hiding behind a cartoon character to talk. He actually has a real photograph of himself and surprise, he is caucasian. Brady, I wash my hands of your ignorance (that means goodbye, I know you didn't know that).

  41. Mr. Boby, let me say it the last time and I am done for you bore me with your stationary statements: It's all about the words a man speak. You've spoken Officer H enry has spoken and so have I Good day to you, sir.

  42. Brady Boby says:

    Gavin of course you run away I won't let you cry racist, how do you know Ian's pic is real maybe he is a black man trying to make it appear he is white and in support of you? You still never answered the question. Do blacks commit more crimes? yes or no?

  43. Ann Wisniewski says:

    Amber. Romney has been caught trying to promote his job creator expertise at Bain, all the while taking over companies and getting rid of jobs, often sending them overseas. He is trying to say that he was living in Utah heading the Winter Olympics, which he was, and because of this he quit Bain in Feb. 1999. The problem for Romney is that he was still the sole owner of Bain, signed SEC papers for 3 years after 1999 and received a 6 figure salary yearly during those 3 years. He refuses to admit that he was still at Bain because those were some of the worst years for job loses because of Bain. He also used this lie to become governor of 2002. Although living in Utah, he convinced people in Mass. to put him on the ballot for governor. He refuses to submit his taxes in part because his lie would be caught. Remember that every presidential candidate for the past 30 years has presented several years of back taxes. So as we all know, politicians and businessmen often can be caught in a lie. This conflicting information in Romney's business career should not be dismissed lightly even though we wish it wasn't so.

  44. Ann Wisniewski says:

    Brady Boby Please be more specific. Just because you say it, doesn't mean it's true. You need to sound more convincing with facts that support your ideas. Are you trying to say that because Romney was a liar in his business affairs, he will "do great in the government"? I guess that is true if you believe Bush lied us into believing in WMD and attacking and occupying Iraq. What is the "stuff" you are referring to?

  45. Brady Boby says:

    Ann why do you hate Romney so much? he was a success in his carrier? He did what he was paid to do make money and he did it well. I hope he takes his talents and applies them his new job as president. Obama has has his chance and failed miserably. Ann I don't need to explain my point just look up the information yourself I do it all the time. Ann get over Romney past work he lived the American dream. All Obama wants to do is spend, he doesn't think there are enough blacks in the middle class so he is trying to get rid of the middle class. Did you see the other day quietly Obama just ended a lot of the welfare qualifications? now it does not matter if you can work or not, he ended all work qualifications such as, job training classes and looking for a job. He did this using executive powers against congress. He has used these powers to allow illegals to take our jobs,. Ann you are a nut to believe in Obama.

  46. Ann Wisniewski says:

    Gavin, That's the way to tell him off. Thanks for you American patriotism.

  47. Gavin Henry says:

    Thanks Ann. As Americans, it is our civic duty to educate and pray for bobby. It's that kind of unbased and biased thinking that is ruining all of our lives. Now his point is whether blacks commit crimes. I have told him before, I do not have to argue the facts or the past. Yes, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean, the sun is hot and crime has been committed by all races. How is any of that making a better future? Is bobby interested in the past or making a better tomorrow. I know bobby, I should save my speech for BET.

  48. Ann Wisniewski says:

    Brady Boby If I could butt in here since your audience gave up on you. The answer to your question is not exactly what you think is the obvious answer: No, since there are fewer Blacks in the U.S. how could you say "Yes"? Now if you are speaking percentage of the population, that might be different. You must remember that there are crimes committed by all races that are not always documented. Also, a so-called criminal from the Black race is brought to trial and convicted more often than the majority race, thereby making the public believe that there are more criminals in one race rather than another. That's why you think that Blacks commit more crimes. That's just the way it has always been in the good ole U.S.A. Hope you take some time to think about how to phrase your question the next time you ask it.

  49. Brady Boby says:

    Gavin I am talking about in today's time, modern times. They say you blacks are only 12% of society but your people commit 80% of the crimes in the U.S. so wouldn't you agree blacks commit more crimes and are more violent of a race when you compare them to other races? (this is not racist because it's the truth, this is just a discussion) Gavin I asked you "do you think black's commit more crime?" a simple yes or no to this question is acceptable. I think it's "black ideology" that is ruining this country or other wise known as "entitlement" .

  50. Brady Boby says:

    Ann Wisniewski Ann when did you become a bleeding heart liberal? when did you decide to buy into black ideology? Do you feel guilt when it comes to the black community? I don't see "my audience given up on me" being they and you keep responding. There are more blacks per say based on population that commit crimes than any other race, in fact the last time I looked it up it was 700 black crimes to every white crime. That's very high, but I am not surprised because they are from Africa where they are very violent as well (fact) Even in the animal world there are some species within their own species that are very violent, like with dogs, Pit Bulls are known to be very violent. In humans there are different species. They claim that the black people are the oldest of the human species but at the same time they are the lest evolved of all species. There has never been a great "black" government they are not capable of building nations.

  51. Ian Reoch says:

    Unfortunately, it seems we have all been duped by "Ricky" Boby. His perceptions are something right out of Taladega Nights. His racism is so cliche I suspect is not without fiction. He is quick to suggest that I am not who I say I am and thereby most likely betrays the fact that his devisive ranting IS probably a ruse – by whom? Who cares. Peace out.

  52. Ann Wisniewski says:

    I promise to look into what Obama has done to get rid of the middle class if you would please look into how Romney tried to get rid of the middle class during his career at Bain. We might both learn something.

  53. Brady Boby says:

    Ann I seen what Romney had done when he was Bain. The people that lost jobs, the towns that closed up but you have to look at the fact that Romney was doing
    what he was paid to do and he was good at it. I understand people do not like it and neither do I , however again it was what he was paid to do, it was his job and he did it well. I do believe what Romney did so well for Bain, if he put the same energy to be a great president and use those skills he has, he could be a great president. We gave Obama a chance and all he has done was to save "union" jobs not just jobs but only "union" jobs he has stopped any and all other jobs for the American people. So Romney did a good job for Bain and he is being punished for doing his job. I do believe people will be surprised they thought Obama was going to be great and he was not, they think Romney will be bad and I think Americans will be wrong and he will be good. He is already rich now he will want to leave a legacy. Why not give Romney a chance we already gave a man with no work history a chance.

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