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Low Budget Michael Bay Film Pays Mark Wahlberg & Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Peanuts

Cheap action movies is Michael Bay’s new approach for his production company Platinum Dunes.

Michael Bay Is More Into Cheap Action Movie These DaysMichael Bay has implemented a new strategy for his production company Platinum Dunes. The renowned movie movie producer, best known for his big-budget, high profile action movies is stepping back from films with mega budgets. In these times, when studios are cutting back on the spending, Bay has activated his cheap action movie strategy for his company.

Paramount just picked up Bay’s latest pitch, The Rising, a techno-thriller from TV writer Soo Hugh. Bay and his team presented the project to a studio exec who was so excited on how inexpensive it would be to make, he quickly gave it the green light.

Another low budget movie that Bay’s company has in pipeline  is the bodybuilders crime spree thriller Pain And Gain. The film stars A-listers Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and somehow it only has a budget of  $25 Million. This was only a possibility because Wahlber and Johnson has agreed to defer their compensation in return for a big pay day on the back-end.

Pain And Gain is just one of a two-picture deal Bay has with the studio. The other is Transformers 4 which would be impossible to be done on a low budget.

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