Rihanna Pictured Smoking ‘Suspicious’ Cigarette on Barbados Beach

Rihanna stayed in Barbados after her grandmother’s funeral—and was photographed on her native island by paparazzi smoking a “suspicious” cigarette that the gossip columns have concluded was a “blunt.”

Even when she’s relaxing by the beach just days after her grandmother’s funeral, this girl can’t seem to avoid trouble. The British-based Daily Mail ran a story that included 18 pictures of Rihanna on the beach, in the water, laughing under an umbrella—probably more pictures in one story than most of us would even post on Facebook after a weeklong vacation.

“Dressed in a pink bikini, the make-up free Grammy-winner was seen smiling as she tilted her head back and let out a natural laugh, the story said. “She was also seen smoking as she relaxed on an outdoor balcony, wearing a navy bucket hat à la Nineties Britpop style.”

There were shots of her shrouded in smoke and clutching the “suspicious rollup cigarette,” accompanied by the following: “Rihanna has made no secret of her affections for marijuana in the past, tweeting earlier this year: ‘Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things.’ Kush refers to a type of cannabis found mainly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.”

The shots included one of Rihanna laughing about something, with the caption saying that the villa where she was staying costs about $6,300 per night. And of course there was a shot of her on her ever-present phone. She sent the following tweet: “#grangranDOLLY? I know you smiling down on me brightly, I could feel it in the sunshine ?#1Love? forever”

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