Rihanna Banks $53 Million As Third Highest Paid Celeb Under 30

Rihanna is 24 sitting on $53 million! Forbes Lifestyle has concocted yet another list. This time is the richest celebrities under 30 between May 2011 and May 2012. Rihanna ranked third on the list with $53 million from her tours and endorsement deals including Nivea and Vita Coco. Country music star Taylor Swift bumped out the previous winner Lady Gaga to earn her no. 1 spot with $57 million.

Vampires also had a good 12 months with all three lead Twilight actors making the list: Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson. The lady Kristen took the lead with $34.5.

See the top ten earning celebs below:

1.    Taylor Swift: $57 million
2.    Justin Bieber: $55 million
3.    Rihanna: $53 million
4.    Lady Gaga: $52 million
5.    Katy Perry: $45 million
6.    Adele: $35 million
7.    Kristen Stewart: 34.5 million
8.    Lil Wayne: $27 million
9.    Taylor Lautner: $26.5 million
10.  Robert Pattinson: $26.5 million

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