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In A Reversal, Usher Wants To Settle With Grieving Ex-Wife

In the middle of an ugly custody battle, Usher Raymond has changed his tune and now wants to up his ante to settle his epic child support/custody war with Tameka Raymond after the jet ski accident north of Atlanta that left his stepson Kyle critically injured, TMZ reported.

Sources connected with Usher spoke to Tameka over the weekend and suggested that they settle up, but he did not significantly change his offer — 50/50 custody with a very slight increase in child support.  Tameka said no way.

But apparently Usher softened after the conversation, because sources say he met with his lawyers earlier this week and instructed them to craft a new proposal that would give Tameka “a majority” of custody, though the sources did not specify the exact breakdown. Usher is also raising his child support offer “significantly,” the website reports.

As for Usher’s motivation, he is conscious that Tameka is suffering and it’s not a sensitive move to continue the fight as strongly as before.

The offer has not been presented to Tameka yet, but TMZ says she’s open to a “reasonable settlement.”

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