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Rihanna Posts Depressed Picture After Grandmother’s Barbados Funeral

Rihanna continued to treat social media as her therapist’s couch, posting a makeup-free image of her herself looking sad and drinking a bottle of what looks like beer after her grandmother’s Barbados funeral.

Along with the Instagram photo she wrote the caption, “I had to!!! Sorry granny.” She shared it all on Twitter with her 22 million (and counting) followers.

The oddity of Rihanna’s Twitter obsession is that it allows the global gossip industry to act as if it knows and understands exactly what she’s feeling every money of the day and to write stories containing wild speculation about her motives. These pop psychology pieces come daily from people who have never met the singer and whose expertise in psychology comes from reading Facebook updates.

Rihanna’s mental state has been the subject of thousands of stories over the past several weeks as her sometimes odd behavior is explained away by the gossip mavens as a result of the sickness and then death of her grandmother.

After the first funeral in New York for her grandmother, Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite, the “Where Have You Been” singer flew to London to appear at the Barclay Wireless Festival, then she went home to Barbados for her grandmother’s second funeral on the island.

In Barbados, Rihanna wore all black and emerged from a chauffeur-driven limousine with her head bowed to the ground.



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