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Beyonce Gives Kim Kardashian Rules For Their Friendship

Beyonce Knowles is a perfectionist to the T. From her career to her family the 30-year old performer has planned her life through with great success. So it’s not surprising that her budding relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian will be any different. Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z’s friend and collaborator Kanye West began dating Kim so its natural to fit her in their family. However it wasn’t long before rumors popped up that Bey wasn’t very fond of Kim K. Yet despite the rumors the ladies were spotted together at a concert and again at the BET Awards looking at the least cordial. So the rumors were squashed right? Not if you’re the lovely people at the National Enquirer.

Reportedly, Kim purchased a $5K diamond bracelet for Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy engraved with the writing from “Auntie Kim”. LOL

The source is stating that the ‘Love on Top’ singer isn’t impressed.

“She believes Kim is trying to buy her friendship through her daughter, and she’s cooling to their friendship.”

“Right now, Beyonce is on her guard. She’s keeping her distance until she feels more trusting of Kim.”

The unnamed source added that the famous Kardashian is moving too fast, too soon.

“Beyoncé was moved by the lavish gesture, but then she became suspicious of the grandiose ‘Auntie Kim’ engraving. She thought it was over the top, considering she’s known Kim personally for such a short time.”

Another source tells Life & Style that the ladies are getting along well and hang out like normal girlfriends but the pop star remains cautious adding, Kim would be  “not allowed to talk about” Beyonce, Jay-Z or Blue Ivy.

“She’d be kicked out of the clique so quickly if she made any misstep,” the insider explained.

“Kim has to earn everyone’s trust. So she’s respecting Beyoncé’s privacy – and it fits in with the more private, post-divorce persona she wants anyway.”

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