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Beyonce Advises Rita Ora To Pull Away From Rihanna Comparisons

Beyonce wants the ladies of Roc Nation to distinguish themselves. When Jay-Z signed singer Rita Ora to his label to comparisons to Rihanna were instant. So much so that an imaginary feud brewed in the minds of the respective artist fan base. Well, one person wants Rita Ora to separate herself and create her own lane, Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce.

“It’s a compliment to be compared to Rihanna. But you do have to hold your own. If you know yourself then everything else will follow – that’s what Beyonce told me. She was always one of my idols, so to have her in my face was amazing.”

We’re sure Rihanna who’s also under Jay-Z would say the same.

When not getting advice from Beyonce the ‘R.I.P’ singer is buying gifts for Blue Ivy. Rita gushed to ITN backstage at the Wireless Festival in London, “She’s so pretty and her feet are like this big.” It turned out Rita miscalculated just how big Blue is because the nameplate necklace she purchased is being worn by Beyonce because its too big!

What do you think of Beyonce’s advice to Rita?

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