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Racist Rocker Ted Nugent Says South Should Have Won Civil War

It’s pretty clear by now that rocker Ted Nugent is a raving, racist lunatic who really should be thoroughly ignored by the mainstream media. But because Nugent has enthusiastically endorsed Mitt Romney and Romney seems reluctant to denounce Nugent when he says something crazy, Nugent has been repeatedly given a national stage on which to scream his racist silliness.

The latest Nugent nonsense comes by way of a column in the right-wing Washington Times, where Nugent comes right out in his piece about Obamacare and says that perhaps it would have been better if the South had won the Civil War.

“Chief Justice Roberts squandered the opportunity to restore judicial, financial and legislative sanity to a government that by any sane person’s standards is insane and addicted to centralized federal control of our lives,” Nugent wrote.

“Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War. Our Founding Fathers’ concept of limited government is dead.”

The Romney campaign has had no response to Nugent’s rant. The last time Nugent ranted about politics, he implied that he might want to try to kill the president, which brought him a visit from the Secret Service. This is the man who Romney called and ask for his endorsement, then bragged about it.



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38 thoughts on “Racist Rocker Ted Nugent Says South Should Have Won Civil War

  1. Johnny Leon says:

    Next he's going to say we should legalize marrying our sister.

  2. Cody Snyder says:

    Just another crak pot lie.taking his words out of context.oooo I must be a racist.u scabs will print what ever they tell.I like ted but I can't imagin way he wood spek for obamas twin.RON PAUL for press.

  3. Cody Snyder says:

    And the south will rise again has nothing to do with race.

  4. Don Williams says:

    "Racist Rocker Ted Nugent Says South Should Have Won Civil War".

    No, he didn't say that. Nick Chiles is a shameless and shameful liar.

  5. Christopher Haskins says:

    They'll let anyone write an article so long as they can spin it as racist

  6. Naco Basura says:

    the South didn't have the rail infrastructure and armaments factories it needed when it went to war… was a stupid move…they should have thought it through a little bit more…had Britain thrown in, maybe..but then we'd be back to provincial agrarian colonial indebted to Mother England shitsville… I disagree with Motormouth on this fact the South by going to war and getting their asses kicked helped more to solidify a Big Federal Central Gubmint …..not to mention losing all those dudes

  7. Naco Basura says:

    racism ain't got shit to do with it

  8. Brannen Parrish says:

    That's a very culturally insensitive statement, and very prejudicial toward southerners.

  9. Rue Meka Uba says:

    …And what's new? Why do you think most news outlets don't even pay attention to him anymore? I'll give him points for "Storm Troopin" but other than that he's just your common far right nutcase. Let him keep speaking to his delusions to the deluded.

  10. Naco Basura says:

    hey if you can marry Bruno, Johnny Leon……

  11. Bain Jacob says:

    I'm sorry, but race has nothing to do with his comment. His comment was related to sovereignty and states rights.

    “Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War. Our Founding Fathers’ concept of limited government is dead.”.

    Seems to me Mr. Nugent had nothing to say about race. This author and many of its readers see racism in everything. You should be ashamed.

  12. Ted is far from being a racist. He is one of the most down to earth patriotic americans alive and he is all for human rights and equality. What a crock of crap….

  13. Bain Jacob says:

    I cant even fathom how race is constantly…CONSTANTLY thrown out as being the ONLY thing disagreements with the other side is given. WE DONT DISAGREE BASED ON RACE! WE DISAGREE ON PRINCIPLES!


  14. Martin Häggkvist says:

    No even moderately educated person would believe that the American Civil War had anything to do with race (except as a pretext), so I don't get what's racist about the statement.

  15. Sam Huston says:

    And we should have picked our own cotton.

  16. Christopher Haskins says:

    kinda like you spouting off nonsense? "Delusions to the deluded"?

  17. Johnny Leon says:


  18. Johnny Leon says:

    Brannen Parrish And saying the south should have won isn't an insensitive statement? Maybe you should have paid more attention in Social Studies instead of listening to crackpot's like this who most likely dropped out of the 3rd grade to become the next Hick-Country-Superstar. Yeah.. I said it.

  19. Darin Pearson says:

    Thank you to all the people who are taking the time in these comments to call-out Nick Chiles for his irresponsible race-baiting article. Anytime anyone disagrees with anything Obama does, there seems to be a never-ending stream of accusations of racism. It's interesting that Obama got 72% of the popular vote when he was elected which means a huge number of white people voted for him but apparently they are suddenly all racists now.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Nugent did not say that. Why can't we hold the media liable for their lies?

  21. Rue Meka Uba says:

    Christopher Haskins Uh huh. I'd expect that from ya…

  22. Christopher Haskins says:

    I see, so it is true that most liberals are racist…Wow Rue, I'd expect better from you. I see you can't look past how a person dresses or their skin color..

  23. Rue Meka Uba says:

    Uh huh. Yea Chris. Did the Grandmasters of the Conservative Base teach you how to wield that jump to conclusions card. You're very effective at it. Your bosses are certainly proud. Albeit, still predictable.

  24. Christopher Haskins says:

    Rue, nothing you say makes any sense. It's funny how you think you are witty, but come off as droll. You are the one with foot in mouth syndrome. Making a comment like "I'd expect that from ya".. Have that checked will you?. "Jump to conclusions card"…doesn't the liberal base ignore you unless the race card is played every moment you get?

  25. Rue Meka Uba says:

    It makes great sense, to anyway who isnt so short-sighted. As far as it is concerned, I think you should continue to attempt those pitiful sleights and gaping tangent leaps. It keeps that non-factorness shining.

  26. Christopher Haskins says:

    Aw, you looked up words. Good for you. Keep trying day you'll find the right insult. You my friend are a bigot. I have no time for racists or bigots..!

  27. Rue Meka Uba says:

    Chris, Hah, I find it amusing that you considered my words "big". Wtf? Most educated folk wouldnt consider them "big". Though considering that you misused "racist" and "bigot" (via your love of erroneous conclusions?) it is absolutely no surprise.

    Also, amusing that you've blocked and then replied as if one wouldnt see it. I guess if you cant handle the fire you stay the hell out of the kitchen. If it's any consolation, you get a C- for effort….albeit still predictable. ;D

  28. Nugent is no manner of racial bigot; find out something about him before you make such slurs.

  29. Anonymous says:

    1) The name "Civil War" is incorrect. It shoud be "the War Between the States". Before this war, the United States was, by definition, "a loose confederation of independent states". i.e. One would have considered himself (or herself) a "Virgininan", or a "Pennsylvanian".

    2) The main issues were a) States Rights, and b) the economic disparity and advantage gained by the southern states over the northern states due to slave labor. The effects of this were magnified as we transitioned from a primarily agricultural to an industrial economy. Slavery was waning and would have been ended on its own as the need for unskilled labor diminished and skilled labor increased. The northerners were hardly motivated by any moral indignation over slavery.

    3) Had the south won the war between the states, we would not have:

    a) Federal Income Tax.
    b) Federal welfare.
    c) Economic extortion tools such as CAFE and block grants.
    d) The NEA.
    e) The EPA.
    f) ObamaCare
    g)Social Security (before anyone claims that SS is a good thing, remember that it is a Ponzii scheme that is currently broke and at its best returned about 2-3% ROI).

    But we would have more FREEDOM, which is only scary to those who have no sense of personal responsibility!

  30. Of course, if the South had won the Civil War, we'd all be Democrats.

  31. Victor Hernandez says:

    If Ted is such a patriotic american, then why did he not go to Vietnam to serve his country? Why did he purposefully shit his pants to get out of defending the freedoms he so loudly claims to love?

  32. Victor Hernandez says:

    If the south had won the war, they would have been taken over by Mexico when they were in such a weakened condition.

    The states that did not get taken over would have been bitching and complaining to go back to the union where they would get federal aid to fight off the aggressors.

  33. Victor Hernandez says:

    If the south had won the war, they would have been taken over by Mexico when they were in such a weakened condition.

    The states that did not get taken over would have been bitching and complaining to go back to the union where they would get federal aid to fight off the aggressors.

  34. Jacob Bain I haven't read the presidents book, but I have seen the way politicians on the right have tried to undermine the president since day one. Putting politics and ideology ahead of what is good for the american people. I can remember politicians (Boehner perhaps) make the statement "we are going to make sure he is a one term president" even before he could make any kind of legislation. I have watched a republican dominated congress block any meaningful legislation that President Obama has endorsed. I watched american people show disrespect to this president. I have watched and listened to pundits on Fox news discredit anything and everything that has to do with this president from his classy and beautiful wife to his kids. I have watched as they made excuses for the previous president and tried to trump up incidents to get the current president impeached. I could go on and on but, I will end on this… Jacob Bain, I do not know you so I will not resort to questioning how patriotic you truly are, but I have listened to the ravings of Ted Nugent and as black person in america who has experienced MUCH racism, I recognize a racist when I see one and Ted Nugent is a racist.

  35. Jacob Bain says:

    Bradley, I am a formerly active duty US Marine. I am as patriotic as they come. But, I don't look at life through the lens of Race.

    Now, you said something revealing here: YOU have dealt with MUCH racism. Dude, that sucks. I don't know what thats like. I grew up being taught that all men were created equal in the eyes of Creator God. I have learned more about racism through supposedly NON racist media than I ever learned from my conservative parents. The same parents who told me ALL were equal.

    I learned that the black guy is supposed to die first in teenage slasher movies. That all black men are drug dealers or thugs or miscreants, FROM the media. That black women are nothing but baby factories. That black kids never have a dad.

    Doesnt all that sound ludicrous to you? You know where those stigmas come from? The media or the race pimps in Sharpton or Jackson or the politicians. None of it is true. Everybody deals with these issues. Except that the black community has been used by the same party that espouses to protect it. Look up with Lyndon Johnson said before his "great society" was started. He openly called you the "N" bomb and said that YOU and your people who vote DEMOCRAT FOREVER! He and the left wing party think YOU are a MORON Bradley! And its NOT true! You have been sold a poison pill, taken generation after generation, designed into making you accept this RACIST narrative that DISAGREEMENT EQUALS RACISM. And they think are too dumb to find out the truth for yourself. To think outside of the VERY limited box that the Black community has been put in and continually puts itself in. Why do you think that inner city black activists in Chicago are rejecting the lies of the democrats there?


    I have likewise heard what this man has said and nothing about what he says IS racist. It is, however, contrary to the narrative of the VICTIM mentality that YOU, dear sir, have bought into. You have fallen for it HOOK, LINE, and SINKER.

    As stated repeatedly in prior posts in relation to this story, his comments refer to the outlandish power that the north had over the south and that it would have been BETTER for the country for that power to have been limited. Slavery NEEDED to end and the very nature of the Founders letters repeats this over and over. But, point of fact, the power vacuum that was created at the end of the Civil war created JIM CROW, which, in some ways was worse than slavery itself. At least DURING slavery, slaves could be freed. After slavery ended, you forefathers were put many rungs below whites, which was even WORSE.

    Look, I cannot fathom how painful it must have been, to hear the stories of your parents or grandparents being beaten, being sprayed with water hoses, being attacked by police dogs , etc. It was wrong. But, you need to recognize and reject what you think to be racism. Men like Nugent believe that ALL men have the power and ability to find and create their own destinies. Not have their power and destinies determined for them by government.

    His words do not state otherwise.

    God bless.

  36. Donald Freyberger says:

    I would like to see a statement from Ted Nuggent that depicts his racism, instead of I have seen or heard him being racist. Where once again I believe racism is taken from this so far out of context in order to take away from the substance of this speech. The media has done more damage to race relations than anything else. Like Jacob I grew up in a house hold where the color of your skin ment nothing. I spent the majority of my youth hanging out in lower end developements with my friends as majority of them were poor and of different cultural backgrounds and different color, I grew up within the city of Tampa. The color of someones skin means nothing. It is the character and beliefs of that person that I will judge. You talk about politicians wanting him to be a one term president. Maybe it has nothing to do with his skin and everything to do with his core beliefes being not that of the American way the American tradition and that of the American people. You assume that the ones judging the president do not judge others in office? Well the truth is I distain the majority of politicians… left and right. I openly speak down about all of them if they choose to destroy our republic. The Federal Government was designed to be an oversight to ensure states were fair. NOT to tell states what to do. Not to create Federal laws to encroach on the states. The states individually have more power than the Federal Government. It was designed that way to ensure not group of men had too much power. What has happened since the Civil War has given so much power to the Federal Government it is disturbing. The President now has done more to destroy the reputation of our country in so many ways. It has lied more and distorted more than any of the tyrants prior. He has become the icing on the cake. To still back this man and his administration is treasonous.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Always convenient to have a full deck when playing the race card… He pinned his comments on the fact that our government no longer sees the 10th amendment as a part of the constitution as they will live by and enforce. Reaction to the fact that he used the historical reference to the Civil War as racist is shallow thinking.

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