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Evelyn Lozada Wedding: Chad Ochocinco Tweets At The Altar

UPDATE-Evelyn Lozada’s soon-to-be-husband Chad Ochocinco is tweeting during their wedding!!

Chad is a Twitter junkie. Just yesterday he brighten the day of a widow who lost her husband of 30 years just weeks ago. The widow Cheryl tweeted Chad,

“I’m feeling pretty low today. Lost my hubby 2 weeks ago. Together 30 years. Very hard,” tweeted Cheryl to Chad.

Read Chad’s response to Cheryl’s tweet below – it will surprise many!

How sweet! Meanwhile Chad is catching flack for tweeting on his wedding. But as usual he takes it all in strides,

“Using twitter as a diversion to keep me from getting nervous RT @FABULOUSnFIERCE: I cannot deal with @ochocinco tweeting on his wedding day” LOL

More tweets followed, even at the altar,

“Football sis, wedding is awesome but i got to get back 2 form RT @CASHBABEH: What’s more nerve wrecking getting married, or playing football”

“Of course, that way i won’t cry in front of people RT @NoUAintRadio: @ochocinco is gonna be at the alter still Tweeting!”

“You should see what i’m wearing, the sad part is i look better than Eve

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