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Kayne West, Kim Kardashian Hang At Paris Fashion Week

No fashion week anywhere — not New York, not Europe — would be complete without a photo opp by Kanye West. But it’s curious why he and girlfriend Kim Kardashian chose the Paris fall couture show by semi-obscure couturier Stephane Rolland to attend, as opposed to Chanel, Dior or Versace?

Could it be that those shows don’t want their designers or clothes eclipsed by all the media these two get?

At Rolland, the couple was dressed in black — Kim’s dress was asymmetrical, with a huge white fabric flower going down the front of it. She tweeted later, “Just left the Stephane Rolland couture show. His clothes are next level beautiful.” So it wouldn’t be surprising to see her wearing some of them soon, although they are not readily available in the United States.

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