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'TED' Wins Box Office Recipts Over 'Magic Mike'

The success of Seth MacFarlan’s directorial debut Ted over the weekend must prove that everyone loves a Teddy bear.  The film grossed $20 million on Friday, which stars Mark Wahlberg as the buddy of a bong smoking stuffed toy bear. The Raunchy comedy is on track to making between $51 to 55 million, on its opening weekend, which would overtake the current record holder rated R comedy, The Hangover

Although Ted came out on top, Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper film Magic Mike was a very close second, earning #19. 4 million on Friday and is likely to take a dip during the weekend. The movie manage to make $2.1 million at midnight showings

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection had a healthy performance, tying with Pixar’s Brave for third place with $10.3 million in earnings. While Pixar won’t win for a second time, it should get a big boast from families this weekend.

Further down on the chart, Disney’s family drama People like us, didn’t fare so well only making $1.4 million yesterday.

Here are the top five films that are currently in the theaters.

1. Ted – $20.2 million
2. Magic Mike – $19.4 million
3. Brave – $10.3 million
4. Madea’s Witness Protection – $10.3 million
5. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – $3.6 million

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