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Beyonce Verbally Attacked By Heckler At Jay-Z’s Concert

Beyonce was attacked by a pesky heckler as the superstar joined a mosh pit in support of husband Jay-Z’s performance at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend Saturday which boasted a crowd of 50,000.

Not one to usually concern herself with negative commentators, Saturday was different when she quickly alerted Jay’s bodyguards that a problem was brewing when a disgruntled, drunk fan began yelling at her.

“Whatever was said, it really upset Beyoncé. Jay-Z’s bodyguards weren’t going to have any of it. They waded in and there was a massive ruckus,” a source tells Daily Star. “It got pretty ugly and Beyoncé was whisked away so she wouldn’t get caught in the middle of it.”

Prior to the incident, Bey was seen acting like a fan when Jay’s notorious hit “N***** In Paris” was performed by he and rapper Kanye.

“Make your family proud,” Jay joked before launching into the song for the second time in a row.

When the “99 Problems” rapper asked for the main lights to be put on the crowd, specifically the ones on the VIP crowd his wife was apart, the “Halo” singer and friends threw themselves into the melee that went straight ballistic.

As much as the “Crazy In Love” singer tried to fit in, her bigger-than-life blonde curls peeped from under her hooded rain gear that strategically clashed with her flaming red lips.

Rarely one to disappoint, the mother-of-one looked cute in her short black shorts, a bra top, and a black top.

Overall, Bey’s night wasn’t destroyed and the heckler was taken away after she pointed him out to the security guards. Later that weekend Beyonce joined her younger sister Solange Knowles to celebrate her 26th birthday with a helicopter ride! See the photo below courtesy of Solange’es Twitter page!


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