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Rihanna Swaps Shorts Shorts For Gray Tracksuit

Rihanna is fresh off closing the Hackney concert wearing leather short shorts, cut off fishnet stocking, a Katie Ory leopard print shirt and crazy sunglasses to gray sweat pants and converse while leaving her hotel in London. RiRi is famous is changing her look going from sexy to bad body chic. Just last week she wore a t-shirt inspired by late rapper Tupac with the words ‘C*ntlife” written across the bottom.

While out in London with her bestie Melissa, Rihanna’s collaboration with Coldplay gets the remix treatment-acoustic style. The new version sees Chris Martin performing alongside an acoustic guitar while Rihanna’s vocals are used towards the end of the song.

See more photos of Rihanna leaving her London hotel below:

Take a listen:

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