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Michelle Obama’s First Date With President Obama Revealed

Michelle Obama is reliving the details of her first date with husband, President Barack Obama, as a promotion for a competition the president’s campaign is running, offering winners the chance to dine with him and the First Lady who have been married since 1992.

Barack Obama took Michelle for lunch at the Art Institute of Chicago in Michigan, before a leisurely stroll to the movies to watch a 1989 released Spike Lee film.

“It was a cool date, we spent the whole day together. He was showing me all facets of his character. We went to the Art Institute.” according to the 1 minute, 40 second video clip.

At which point President Barack Obama, wearing a white shirt and striped tie, nods enthusiastically, points his finger at the camera and says: “Art – guys out there, it impresses people.”

Mrs. Obama wearing her trademark pearls and a patterned sheer top continued: “…took a nice long walk down Michigan Avenue” and the President satisfactorily adds ‘romance’.

“Did we go to the movie first?” Michelle asked.

“Uh, we didn’t have dinner. We actually had lunch at the Art Institute, there was a little courtyard, with a little fountain,” the President answered with precision.

Mrs. Obama smiles and says, “Yeah, that was nice” and Mr. Obama agrees, “Yeah it was very nice.”

“The walk—patient,” the mother-of-two added after they cooed after reminiscing.

The President taking in all the brownie points in before saying, “Take tips gentleman,” then winked.

The interview coincides with a competition his “Obama For America” campaign have launched which offers winners the opportunity to have ‘dinner with President Obama, along with a guest of your choice and four other supporters.’

The $4,800 package consists of round-trip tickets for them and a guest from any of the fifty U.S. States, DC, or Puerto Rico to a destination to be determined by the sponsor.

They will stay in a hotel and have dinner with the president and his wife at an undisclosed location.

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