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Beyonce And Jay-Z Come Under Attack By Suede Guitarist

UPDATE-Beyonce was together with her younger sister Solange Knowles as they celebrated her birthday this past weekend. The certified fashionista Solange turned 26 on Sunday and celebrated with her older sister in London at BBC Radio 1’s Hackney weekend concert. Solange shared a photo on Twitter shows with the sisters goofing off on the lawn with the caption: We. Are. Family.

It’s always nice to see two sisters show love. Solange once revealed her relationship with the mega pop star was a tough one until she was 13 years old.

13 years later Solange and Beyonce couldn’t be closer. It is unknown what Bey gave her younger sister for her birthday but last year she reportedly gifted her 25 pairs of shoes! Just two weeks ago for father’s day Beyonce gifted Jay-Z with a $40 million private plane! It’s safe to say that Solange will be happy with Beyonce’s gift.

In other news Beyone and Jay-Z are under attack by Suede guitarist Bernard Butler who slammed the couple on Twitter for allegedly not being genuine with their fans.

“Im decades behind music and all popular culture. I see Beyonce as a nonstop insincere PR trip. Id rather hangout with Henry Sellers. How does anybody fall for that bollocks?” Where did all the hate come from? Butler said about Jay-Z and his performance at Hackney,

“It was him and Kanye a like a pair of 40 year old A&R men who can’t dance shouting “London oh yeah”, whilst an iPod played Otis Redding. I can do that at home . But without them 2 falling around the front room.”

Butler has some issues to work out because Beyonce, Solange and Jay-Z are certainly having a good time!

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