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$880,000 iPhone Cases Can Be Worn as Necklaces

Acclaimed international jewelry designer to world’s elite and royalty, Anita Mai Tan of Al-Gems Global Design House, known for her custom designed jewelry pieces that have been called the technical marvels have now released her double $880,000 iPhone case, the new Dragon and Spider that can be worn as a necklace.

With poetry and nature as her muse, Anita has devoted her 16 months to delicately craft these brilliant iPhone cases. Regarded to be among the rare Asian born creators, to have her creation ‘The Eye’ exhibited by the U.S. Museum of GIA to be part of their signature collection, Anita has earlier designed an epitome of fine pens, the million dollar Heaven GoldPen, which is also one of the most expensive writing instruments and the first ever luxurious pen designed by a women for a women.

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