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Kelis Surprises on Drums at Isle of Wright Festival

Kelis wowed her audience at Britain’s Isle of Wright festival on Friday when she shifted from singing her hit “Bounce,” to pounding out a beat on the drum kit onstage. Never known for picking up the sticks before, the R&B singer certainly impressed during her set.

After the performance, Kelis revealed that she had only just picked up the instrument. “I decided to start playing the drums not too long ago, so I just figured why not?”

The festival has been the victim of severe weather, but the “Milkshake” star hasn’t let the swampy weather dampen her spirits. “I love being here, it’s amazing. Any place you got to take a boat to, you know it’s gotta be good,” Kelis said. “You have to take a ferry to get here!… I love the dancing, I love all the festivals, I love being able to be outside and kind of get into the whole party vibe—I love that.”

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