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The Chris Browns Vs. The John Legends: Do Women Prefer Bad Boys?

Do women prefer bad boys? The age-old question in which seemingly sane women lose clout because they want a bad boy, a man who looks (operative word) like he can rough them up, may now have scientific data to explain this urge. Before the collective grunts begin or statistics of bad boys, e.g., Chris Brown, are googled to discredit a woman’s sensibility, let’s take a look at why women are less likely drawn in droves over the John Legends, while others are swooning over the Chris Browns of the world.

According to Researchers at the University of New South Wales in the Economist, the type of men women are generally attracted to may derive from an unconscious effort.

“A growing body of research suggests that their preference for certain types of male physiognomy may be swayed by things beyond their conscious control—like prevalence of disease or crime—and in predictable ways.”

“Masculine features—a big jaw, say, or a prominent brow—tend to reflect physical and behavioral traits, such as strength and aggression. They are also closely linked to physiological ones, like virility and a sturdy immune system.”

So, women are drawn to men who can better provide the need for their present situation. For instance, women who are looking for short-term mates are more interested with what masculinity in a man can produce for right now.

If a woman is more concerned with what a masculine man can provide physically, be toe-curling sex or protection from around-the-way-crime, this is who she is drawn to. Masculine features signals to a fertile woman that his sexual prowess is peaked and/or that he is able to defend her if necessary. Women and that security thing.

This is akin to men being drawn to heavy bottom women, beyond the slim-waist and thick thighs physical appeal, the coke bottle ratio signals to men that a woman is fertile.

However, the reason women are clowned when they are drawn to glorified bad boys is due to the obverse of what masculinity, i.e. bad boy, is—usually a clown who is only good for late hours servings of birthday cake…and little else.

Because women are innately attracted to burly men, this typically places the stereotypical images of less masculine men and metrosexual men in one pile; but, as a woman decides what becomes more important as she matures, physical stature or mental muscle, then a good balance of the two can be determined through a conscious effort.

So, while the Chris Browns of the world may seem to have all the women they want though their reputation should dictate otherwise, the John Legends are chosen in a conscious effort, the only dignified way to be chosen.


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