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Beyonce Launches 'Beyonce Palettes' Plus Blue Ivy Trademark Update

UPDATE-Beyonce Knowles wants you to be inspired by her colors for your next project plus an update on the trademark for daughter Blue Ivy.

There are about a hundred color blogs bearing palettes inspired by every possible image under the sun, ranging from wedding photos to food pics but the pop diva launched Beyoncé Palettes with only images in her liking. Can you blame her?!

According to Stylist, “the Tumblr page features an unusually diverse array of color palettes, taken from various awesome photos of the singer. What’s interesting is not so much the novelty factor, but seeing just how the superstar has transformed over the years. From 60s-style makeup to metallic ensembles, we love to see how color can completely change her look. So why not use this as a tool for coordinating your next room makeover?” There are sooo many to chose from!!

It’s a lot more fun than those standard paint sample cards. What do you think?

Who knows what plans Beyonce and Jay-Z have for their daughter Blue Ivy but their trademarked filed under BGK Trademark Holdings earlier this year listed an array of possibilities from fragrances, hair spray, baby strollers, baby bibs, diaper bags and, and soccer balls. According to Forbes, the application hasn’t yet been officially approved but a “Office Action,” was sent to Beyonce’ attorney’s requesting them to provide a satisfactory amount additional information within six months. If that doesn’t happen, the application could be rejected.

Check out our favorite picks of Beyonce colors below. I’m inspired already!


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