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Rihanna Leaves Grandmother to Work On 7th Album

After six successful albums and landing her 22nd top ten single, Rihanna is back in the studio to prepare for her seventh EP. Rihanna booked studio time with Burns and Nicky Romero, two up-and-coming UK music producers. She booked three days with the producers in London.

The 24-year-old’s work ethic has allowed her to complete an album a year since 2005. But the mega star isn’t solely motivated by business. Family comes first, as Rihanna was reluctant to leave her relatives in New York. Her grandmother is battling cancer and Rihanna actually pushed back her date with producers Burns and Romero to stay a few extra days in the big city. Rihanna tweeted to fans that she missed her first few scheduled flights on purpose. “I’m in LONDON bitchesssss. I didn’t wanna leave NY!” she told fans via Twitter. “I kept missing my flights hehehe…”

But according to Rihanna did not spend all of her time comforting her ill-stricken grandmother. It was reported that the singer reconnected with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown while in New York.

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