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Cops Say Chris Brown Is ‘A Witness, Victim’

Scene of the Chris Brown-Drake & Co. fracas.

Chris Brown’s lawyer has provided “physical evidence” to prove that Canadian rapper Drake initiated the scuffle with his client in New York late Wednesday night, according to TMZ, while police classify Brown as “a witness and a victim.”

TMZ reported that  Brown has spoken with the New York Police Department about the melee that left him with a gash on his chin and a bodyguard injured.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, told NYPD that Drake and rapper Meek Mill were the aggressors in the bar fight. Brown had a highly publicized physical encounter with former girlfriend and R&B star Rihanna, and has been called a hot head. But Geragos insists Brown did not initiate this altercation.
But Drake hasn’t allowed these claims stop him from stating his side of the story. TMZ reported that he has been “cooperating” with authorities, which may lead the police department to question Geragos’ “physical evidence”.
As each star battles for an upper hand in the topical situation, rumors and accusations continue to fly. Sources told TMZ that the initiator may actually be an unnamed individual from Brown’s entourage. This person was reportedly inciting Drake and his crew the entire night. TMZ confirmed that Brown and Drake were “trash talking” each other before the fight. Middle fingers were flipped and curse words were thrown before things erupted.
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