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Chris Brown Party Picture Just Before Fight with Drake

Updated: Jonathan Cantor Manager of SoHo club where posses of Chris Brown and Drake squared off over Rihanna arrested by NYPD.  Cantor was busted by the NYPD over noise complaints, but will likely get squeezed for details on the brawl

TMZ has obtained a photo of Chris Brown inside a NYC nightclub, taken seconds before he got clocked with a champagne bottle in a brawl with Drake’s posse — and he looks totally oblivious to the violence about to erupt.

In the photo, Chris is shirtless and holding a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne … surrounded by fans, friends — and his bodyguard, Big Pat, who ended up hospitalized with a massive gash to his forehead after the brawl broke out in W.i.P. Nightclub early Thursday.

According to several eyewitnesses, Drake and Chris had been jawing at each other leading up to the brawl — still, Chris doesn’t look the least bit concerned in the photo.

We also obtained pics of Drake — taken minutes earlier — and rapper Juelz Santana is already standing next to him. We’re told Juelz, Meek Mill, and Trav B all stepped up for Drake … and eventually tussled with Chris and his crew.

As TMZ first reported, NYPD officers have spoken to Chris, Drake and their attorneys. Neither has been named a suspect in the beatdown.

Source: TMZ

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5 thoughts on “Chris Brown Party Picture Just Before Fight with Drake

  1. I luv chris brown he is my mentor.

  2. well ik yah got in a fight because over a girl mane girls something are wast of your time sometime.

  3. Leonard William Roberts says:

    Chris brown do yawa.

  4. Leonard William Roberts says:

    sorry Chris many girls are outside who is better than Rihana.

  5. Anonymous says:

    re-re ain't that good of a singer nor is she that good looking to be fighting over…girls a nickel a dozen.

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