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President Obama Creates Fathers Mentoring Program

President Barack Obama, the world’s most famous dad, has initiated a mentoring program that will cater to the development of children and their fathers. In developing the Health and Human Services Initiative called “Fatherhood Buzz,” Obama reached out to the urban communities, including local barbershops, to fuel his initiative.

Just in time for Father’s Day, too.

Obama’s decision to highlight the thoughts and ideas of local dads gives the everyday father an unprecedented national voice.

The President began the development of his mentor initiative with a private barbecue dinner, according to the Huffington Post. The Commander In Chief invited two barbers to Capitol Hill to indulge in barbecued ribs, collard greens and corn bread. Two men from the military joined the professional stylists, sharing their advice on the role of fathers as well. Obama expressed to his guests the importance of taking responsibility for children, and said that “barbershops are a good place” to start doing so.
Barbershop conversation focuses on male-dominated issues – like sports, women and current events. But the President said parenting can be a part of the discussions.
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