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Keep That to Yourself: Things Men Don’t Need to Hear

Many women find it hard to believe this, but men get hurt too. In fact, it’s been said that they are really the weaker sex. Consider that when they catch the flu they act like it’s a matter of life and death; they become like babies. Tough outside but very fragile on the inside, their ego needs stroking every now and then.

Every woman knows her man – be it a husband, an ex-husband, a boyfriend or even a son – better than he knows himself. They know how to bring the best out of them when the situation calls for it… and sometimes how to really kill their confidence.

Sometimes women just vent because of stress or whatever reason, and forget that words can actually hurt their guys really badly.

So what are the things that women should think twice before saying to a man?

“Please lend me money”

A terrible question that would have him thinking all kinds of things about you. Do not ask him for money if you haven’t been dating for over five months at least.

He is not your cash box, and if you absolutely have to ask, do tell him what it is for. (Don’t ask him to lend you money to settle a debt you acquired with your ex-boyfriend, for example.)

“My last few relationships were difficult”

What does this have to do with him? This might make him feel like you’re just using him to relieve all that stress.

He knows that, being a man himself, he may well share some of the less appealing masculine qualities with your ex.

Also remember this might not play well with some of the more jealous and insecure guys.

“I don’t like your mother”

Don’t be surprised if his response is, “Let’s call it quits,” because this in actual fact is an insult, to him and his mother.

It doesn’t matter if you’re married to him and have kids of your own, his mother is his mother. What else don’t you like that’s his? Some men are baby boys at heart; his mother was the first woman in his life, and may very well always be the first.

“Be a man for a change!”

This is a blow that he’ll consider below the belt, and chances are, whatever argument you were having he may well just walk out and leave you. He would like to believe he is a big man, a man of the house, while you’re telling him there’s no difference between him and a little boy.

 “I’m not really into sex too often”

Men love having sex; it’s always on their minds. Nothing gets his attention like the mention of sex and the more he has the merrier it is, as far as he’s concerned.

After a long day at the office dealing with a demanding boss and difficult clients he needs to de-stress and what better way that to get intimate with his partner?

So even if you aren’t that into sex, rather let him know you do care and will want to have sex some time soon.

“My ex used to…”

Though people compare their current lovers with previous ones from time to time, to actually voice this is a real turn-off to men.

Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses, so, instead of concentrating on the negatives rather encourage him. There are things he can do very well and maybe better than your ex. And don’t even think of telling him what your ex used to do sexually.

“I don’t like children”

If he already has children from a previous relationship, he will take this to mean you don’t like them.

He also may interpret your statement as “I don’t want children,” which is not something you should express if you think you may want to be a mother in future. If he doesn’t have kids, he probably would like to have a mini-he running around at some point.  Some men don’t want children, but most do, so unless you’re really serious about not having any, rather don’t express a distaste for them too early in the relationship before you and your man know each other well.

Source: Siphiwo Nkonki, Health24

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