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‘Art Of Rap’ Documentary By Ice-T Brings The Noise

Hip-Hop Legend Ice-T’s documentary, From Nothing To Something: The Art of Rap, hits theaters nationwide Friday and promises to be not only information, but perhaps transformational for today’s rap artists.

At least that’s Ice-T’s hope.

“For a while, people weren’t taking enough time [to write]. With some of these tremendous beats, you can basically sh—on a track and sound good,” Ice-T said. “But in the last two years, the spitters, like Cory Gunz, Kendrick Lamar, are starting to come back. That’s all real hip-hoppers want, for [the newcomers] to respect the culture and try your best.

“If there’s more words in the hook than in the rap, you’re not rapping, you’re hooking. Rap can rock a party, but it can also change the world.”

The doc will feature artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-ONE, Kook Moe Dee, Melly Mel, Run, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Chuck D, Common and many more.


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