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Vanessa Bryant Calls Off Divorce From Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant and Kobe Bryant called off their divorce after Mrs. Bryant filed in late December 2011. Since the filing Vanessa was awarded the deed on all but one of Kobe’s multi-million dollar properties in addition to an alleged $75 million settlement agreement. According to TMZ Vanessa is choosing not to sign the documents to make their divorce final.

Despite the embarrassing cheating scandal that alleged Kobe slept with upward of 100 women over their 10 year marriage the Los Angeles Laker star has remained adamant that he wants to reconcile with his wife for the sake of their daughters and his love for her. As things stand, Kobe may get that request. Vanessa has until this weekend before she hits the 6 month mark to file the final documents making the divorce final. Maybe that Valentine’s Day kiss sealed the deal?

Do you think Vanessa should move forward with the divorce?


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