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Obama Launches $4 Mil Ad Campaign to Sway Hispanics

The battle over Hispanic voters in swing states like Colorado, Nevada and Florida entered a new phase yesterday as President Obama’s supporters launched a $4 million advertising blitz to convince Hispanics that a Mitt Romney presidency would be bad for their interests.

The ad campaign is being funded by the the Service Employees International Union and a Democratic SuperPAC called Priorities USA Action, started by two former Obama White House staffers.

While Obama has a sizeable lead over Romney among Hispanic voters—as much as 61-27 percent according to some polls—Obama is not taking the population’s vote for granted, particularly since so many Hispanics have been hit hard by the economic downturn.

For his part, Romney has rolled out a new slogan, Junto Con Romney (Together with Romney), intended to demonstrate that he is serious about courting the Hispanic vote. The campaign also hired an Hispanic advisor—just a week after hiring an African-American advisor—and according to Washington insiders may be considering as a running mate Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

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One thought on “Obama Launches $4 Mil Ad Campaign to Sway Hispanics

  1. Charles Kreuzer says:

    I really hope that before any potential Obama supporter makes a decision in November, that they read a little about economics. Specifically about Keynesian "let's borrow our way to prosperity" theories. This has been attempted by many nations in the EU. Greece is a prime example. It does not work and eventually, the enormous government debt amassed when this is attempted, crushes the nation's economy.

    Obama doesn't have a magic potion to make this theory work. It's been tried, over and over, yet the end result is a debt so enormous that the government has to spend the vast majority of its tax revenues on the interest on that debt – which takes the revenues away from the economy, resulting in a severe recession and sky high unemployment.

    Please don't go into this election without a little economic knowledge! This is the nation you're handing to your kids. What will you tell them when they have to pay down that debt?

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