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Ann Coulter Slams Media Coverage On Obama Leaks

Ann Coulter joined Sean Hannity on Monday night to discuss the recent national intelligence leaks that President Obama recently insisted were not deliberate. She decried the hypocrisy in how the media covers leaking, criticizing the president for putting people in jeopardy.

All these leaks supposedly make the president look good, Hannity observed. Coulter agreed, adding that it doesn’t matter who leaks the information because ultimately it’s coming from the Obama White House. “Who leaked SEAL Team Six to brag about killing Osama bin Laden? That came out of the president’s mouth,” she said.

Leaks are worse under Democratic administrations, she said, noting that it’s Obama’s opportunity to brag. He’s putting people in jeopardy, the panel agreed. All of the New York Times stories have been like “love letters” to Obama, Coulter said.

“Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t understand you can trust us when a Republican is in the White House but you can’t if a Democrat is,” Coulter said. She underlined her main point: the leaks are coming from the White House, and they’re designed to portray the president in a favorable light.

Source: Mediaite

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