Chris Brown First Interview of 2012 Plus ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ Video

Brown with Ron English

Six months into the New Year, Chris Brown finally does his first interview of 2012, exploring his artistic side at an art exhibit.

Despite the fact that his team revealed Brown wouldn’t be participating in any interviews this year, the R&B singer made an exception for artist Ron English.

Last month Chris Brown took part in an art exhibition alongside contemporary artist, Ron English. As many diehard Chris Brown fans know, the R&B singer is also quite an artist in his spare time. He recently teamed up with Ron English to release the “Dum English” toy line.

During the art exhibition, the two signed toys from the creative line and eventually Chris found himself in the middle of an interview with Mr. English.

“I started when I was about 11, singing, and then I just kept going at it… I told my mom that I just wanted to focus on that [and] just pursue that for the most part,” Chris Brown told English. He also admitted that when he was growing up he was into everything from sports to sci-fi movies but was never interested in singing until he gave it a try. Finding a love for music also changed the type of tunes Brown played and he even became a fan of Phil Collins.

Unlike many of his interviews, talking with English allowed the 23-year-old star to talk about his artistic side. He told English that a lot of the inspiration comes from the part of him that is still a child and remembering those childhood memories. After hearing this, Ron English replied, “I’m the world’s oldest 10-year-old.” The two laughed together before Chris Brown said, “…I’m maybe seven.”

Earlier this week, Chris Brown also premiered the music video for his latest hit “Don’t Wake Me Up.” Super model Araya Nicks played the role of Brown’s love interest as he followed her through the foggy maze of tall bushes. When he got close to Nicks, she disappeared into a brick wall and Brown found himself at a dead end. Throughout the video the young singer is seen in the middle of the desert singing his heart out, pleading for the world not to wake him up.

The artistic video was the work of award-winning music video director, Colin Tilley. Chris took to Twitter to tell his followers that he would be taking the video to BET’s 106 & Park.

The new album, “Fortune,” will hit the public on July 3rd.

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