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Tameka Raymond Knocked Out By Usher’s Mother?

Tameka Raymond has been the brunt of countless rumors, but the latest is one for the books—if true. Word has it that Usher’s ex-wife and his mother Jonetta Patton became so engulfed in an altercation that it came to blows to which Tameka received the worse end.

Supposedly in 2010, In Touch weekly reports that the mother of Usher’s two boys, Usher IV and Naviyd Eli, and his (now) 55-year-old mother began arguing over the boys and that the argument ended with a TKO in Tameka’s favor.

While there has been no direct confirmation (or denial for that matter), the former Mrs. Raymond couldn’t let the rumor slide unnoticed.

“Slow news day…coupled with clearly not knowing me!” she tweeted. Ha!

Well, guess you heard that.


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