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Jay Electronica Brings An End To Ben and Kate Goldsmith’s Marriage

Ben and Kate Goldsmith have finally decided to call a truce after a nasty Twitter war revealed many private details about their marriage. The online spat has even exposed Jay Electronica as being connected to the Goldsmith feud.

For about a week the couple exchanged nasty insults over the social media site accusing one another of cheating and bad parenting. The 31-year-old son of billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith even called his estranged wife “appalling.” On Thursday, the couple finally agreed to stop with the back and forth comments over Twitter, agreeing that the state of their marriage should be kept private.

“It is a matter of regret that, at a time when our emotions and those of our friends have run high, things have been said in public which should have been kept private. We accept our share of responsibility,” the couple said in a joint statement.

The Twitter “peace treaty” didn’t last long after Ben Goldsmith discovered that the man he had once gone hunting with in the English countryside was Kate’s rumored lover. Jay Electronica posted a picture on Twitter of Kate, who is also his manager, accompanying him on a helicopter ride to a Jay-Z and Kanye West concert just last month.

Throughout the Twitter war, Electronica found several ways to make his opinion known without actually speaking up about the imminent divorce. When Kate posted a picture on Instagram of her children returning on a private jet with the caption “Plane relief,” Jay Electronica was the first user to “like” the photo. He even went on to tweet, “The handling of the heart is a very delicate art cause it’s paper thiiiiin.” Needless to say the twitpic and “subtweets” are largely responsible for inflaming the bitter break up.

According to Kate’s Twitter, the marriage was on the rocks long before Electronica even came into the picture. “Our marriage went bad a few years ago and none of you have any idea what I went through along with my husband. Then we separated for a while,” Kate tweeted.

The split became public last weekend when Mr. Goldsmith was arrested at their home in Kensington, West London on suspicion of domestic violence. The report suggested that things got heated after Mr. Goldsmith discovered that 29-year-old Kate had exchanged some explicit texts and emails with Jay Electronica. He was quickly released however after accepting a caution. After being released he filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery.

Kate has not blatantly denied a relationship with Jay Electronica, but she did refer to the rapper as a “friend” in one of her tweets. The recording artist and record producer didn’t make any comments about the rumored relationship, but his neighbor was eager to speak up. “Jay is a perfect Southern gentleman. Kate is absolutely lovely. They are a lovely couple,” said Electronica’s neighbor.

Legal experts revealed that Kate will not be entitled to any of her husband’s £300 million fortune after the divorce.

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