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SHOCKING: Twitter User Threatens to Rape Sherri Shepherd

Harsh words flew yet again via the social networking site Twitter and this time, ABC daytime talk show host Sherri Shepherd was the victim. Shepherd said she was verbally assaulted while using the online site and plans to press charges against the man behind the tweet.
According to Gossip Cop, Sherri Shepherd was harassed by Twitter account @DaCloneKiller. @DaCloneKiller tagged Shepherd in a tweet that read, “somebody should drag you into a back alley and rape you.” Shepherd was outraged by the comment and retaliated, immediately informing the account that she would take his statement to the police department. “I am going 2 file a police report 4U threatening me,” she wrote. ” And so help me God, when I find out where U live, charges will follow.”
@DaCloneKiller told followers that Shepherd ignited the flame to their intense argument by commenting on the appearance of rapper, Lil’ Kim. Shepherd mentioned Lil’ Kim in a tweet, criticizing the star’s new physical changes. “I love Lil’ Kim,” said Shepherd, “but who is this woman? What happened to the very pretty girl I use to know?”
@DaCloneKiller, a devoted Lil’ Kim fan, sent his tweet in support of the iconic rapper. After speaking with police Shepherd tweeted, “Just returned from filing a police report for this online harassment nonsense. I will be pursuing this legally.”
Shepherd has used this dispute to fuel a newfound desire to combat cyber bullying. Several fans and celebrity friends are in support. “Bullying has gotten out of hand,” she tweeted, “& it’s breaking my heart that kids are out here having to deal with it”
@DaCloneKiller has not stopped his verbal antics and continues to assault the television personality. Twitter would have to be subpoenaed for the release of @DaCloneKiller’s information.
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